Work from home Setup

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Work from home Setup

Stuck in Lockdown? Need to work from home to look after your family? We are here to help you with your work-from-home set up so you never miss any important business tasks!

When you work from home, you need a setup that helps you stay productive and effective. This includes not just the physical infrastructure like computers, the internet, and software but also softer aspects such as having the right mindset and processes.

Ideal work from home office setup


1. Ergonomic Keyboard

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Since official work requires a lot of time to be invested in your PC, more so in your keyboard, you need your hands and wrist to function properly every single time.

It is because of this reason why you must invest in a proper ergonomic keyboard for a comfortable working environment.

A study by ChevronTexaco also showed that people working with ergonomic devices are 44% less prone to risks related to the working environment than traditional devices.

2. Tools

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While your official workplace may be loaded with tools, chances are your newly established work-from-home setup not be. It is, therefore, vital that you get all the essential remote worker tools downloaded and running immediately.

Some of these tools are:

You can also use productivity tools with your Gmail or other email accounts to improve your email communication and campaigns.

3. A proper system

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This is a no-brainer.

You must invest in a good system that is more than capable of handling your work. A poor computer can not only slow you down but also test your patience and downgrade productivity altogether.

Keep your system updated with idle space to make it work faster.

4. Working Environment

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A working environment should be kept simple with the essentials instead of trying too hard with many things and getting flashy altogether.

Be careful about the color scheme you decide for your workstation. Keep it simple and elegant with minimal color combinations. Don’t go for loud colors.

Make sure that your desk can organize and conceal as many electrical wires and cords as possible. Try to keep the desk as roomy as possible with just the bare essentials.