Lightbox Signs For Increased Brand Visibility Day And Night

Attractive lightbox signage is one of the most effective ways to improve the presence of your business. Whether you use a lightbox indoors or outdoors, you will never have to rely on ambient lighting or even outdoor street lighting to ensure that your signage gets noticed.

About Signs, Limited creates attractive lightbox displays to promote your brand. Discover the advantages and customization options to get more eyes on your company name and graphics.

What Are Lightbox Signs?

Also known as cabinet signs, lightbox signs are custom illuminated sign boxes that are ideal for storefronts, building signage, directory signs, and indoor signs in showrooms and other commercial spaces.

Lightboxes are illuminated from within using efficient LED lighting solutions. They can be mounted to walls, posts, pylons, monuments, and custom sign backings.

Style options are extensive, ranging from flat symmetrical signs, custom-shaped signs to suit a logo or graphic, and signs with printed, painted, or embossed faces.

Lightboxes can also be used with push-through letters for an impressive halo lighting effect.